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Project for Smallholder Empowerment & Agribusiness Promotion in Kenya



Value Chain & Agribusiness Promotion

About Us

Vision &Mission Statement

The project, with a primary objective of overseeing and managing component 2, endeavors to conduct a comprehensive demonstration and verification of the various support measures that have been implemented.

The process of identifying the challenges faced by farmers and small to medium-sized agribusiness enterprises in regards to the utilization of venture capital has been thoroughly examined. With a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties at hand, it is imperative to prioritize interventions that will effectively overcome these obstacles in order to provide support to this important sector of the economy. By highlighting the most pressing concerns and taking proactive measures to address them, we can help ensure the success and growth of farmers and agribusiness enterprises.

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Our Stakeholders

Micro Value Chain Actors

Operators directly involved in getting the product from farm to final consumer (Input supplier, Producer, Aggregator, Processor, Retailer…etc.)

Meso Value Chain Actors

Public and private service providers involved in supporting VC Actors (Governmental Services, Donor Project, Financial Services, Research…etc)

Macro Value Chain Actors

Stakeholders providing enabling framework conditions for SME businesses relating to legislation, standards, infrastructure etc. they include National, Policymakers, regulatory bodies, Federations and/or associations.